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Adult female Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana), commonly known as the North American

We put the absolute in wildlife trapping service

Wildlife trapping service in Okeechobee

What type of animals does nuisance wildlife removal handle?

We can handle any animal you need to be removed from your property. A few of the most common animals people ask us to remove include: raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats and mice. 
At Absolute Critter Removal LLC, our wildlife trapping service in Okeechobee include humane trapping, removal, and relocation of animals such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and more. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that the animals are safely removed from your property and relocated to a new, safe location without harm. With our innovative solutions, we have helped countless homeowners and businesses in Okeechobee protect their properties from critter invasions. 
If you're looking for a wildlife trapping service in Okeechobee, look no further than Absolute Critter Removal LLC. Our team of experts has over a decade of experience in trapping and removing unwanted critters from both residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for homeowners and business owners alike in Tradition who are dealing with unwanted wildlife.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us today at 772-398-2600 to schedule your appointment. We're ready to help with the best wildlife trapping service in Okeechobee. 

We offer full wildlife control services to Residential and Commercial communities of South Florida

Wildlife Trapping

With all the necessary equipment, people, and expertise, Absolute Critter will be sure to trap any animal bothering you. We have almost 20 years of expertise and our license with the state of Florida allows us to do our jobs both quickly and legally. So we can handle all your trapping needs.

Bird Control

People don't always see birds as a problem, but birds can roost  around your property causing a mess and damage. Also, birds like pigeons multiply. One pigeon can quickly turn into ten.  We at Absolute Critter will remove these birds in the most humane and ethical way possible. 

Beehive Removal

We all know how important bees are to our survival on the planet, but bees can make hives out of the most unfortunate places on your property. We humanely  relocate the hive of bees to a new and safe location. If your property has damage - we can make sure to repair that too!

Damage Restoration

Animals do more damage than you might expect. They will leave their waste, rip apart insulation, chew through wiring, and cause damage to the dwelling on their way in. Not only will we remove the animal, but our services can include a full cleanup of the area as well as any necessary repairs.  Discuss your needs at the time of service.

Image by Damien TUPINIER

How can we help you? 

Wildlife removal is no easy task. It requires the methodological execution of a well-designed strategy. We are a wildlife removal company that specializes in the humane removal of animals using effective strategies that are custom-made to the unique animal and situation.


Over the decades, Absolute Critter has helped several homeowners and businesses successfully deal with their wildlife infestation problem so we have developed and honed our processes.

Here's a few of the critters we remove

We are experts in rehoming all kinds of critters and wildlife. If you don't see your critter problem below - don't hesitate to ask

...and a whole lot more!


"Came out on a Sunday at 7:00PM for a critter problem in my attic. Very fast and efficient”

"Fast response, great service & follow-up. Recommend!"

"They make you feel like family!"

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