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We put the absolute in critter removal & repair

We offer Property Repair for Residential and Commercial communities of South Florida

Dealing with any kind of rodent damage in your home or commercial location is never a fun experience. In certain situations, some areas of the dwelling can become infested with trespassing animals and critters where it can be a health hazard to humans. If not addressed immediately, some fatal diseases like rabies, salmonella, and hantavirus may transmit to humans causing inconvenience and unwanted expenses. 

Animals leave feces, urine, and nesting materials while enjoying the free food and shelter your home offers. When the mess is not attended to, all sorts of critters will come to enjoy it leaving your health at risk! Having it not cleaned may also damage your home by developing molds which will deteriorate the integrity of your house.

Image by Greg Rosenke


As the weather changes, wildlife is in constant motion in searching for a favorable spot. Raccoons, squirrels, rats, and possums usually cause the most damage because they chew on everything!

Animals can create nesting areas in your home that make you and your family vulnerable to various fatal diseases! Fecal waste needs to be removed, and insulation needs to be replaced. Not only can they transmit multiple diseases, but they will also cause significant damages to your property like gnawing on electrical wires, PVC pipes, insulation, and much more.


Holes & Crawls Spaces

We find all the possible entry points before starting repairs. This is extremely important to find ALL of the superhighways that are leading animals into the home. Some of those holes are not noticeable to the naked eye - but we will find them! 


It's necessary to ensure the exclusion method is effective and to prevent any future intrusions. We take our time to inspect your home to see if there are damaged portions that can be a possible entry. Once we’ve seen and marked them, we can start repairing them.


The most common entryway of pests is the soffits. The designs where the soffit caps aren't completely sealed off provide an easy entry point for animals. We can fill and seal off the entry properly with high-quality materials so the repair will last. 

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