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Bee & Hive Removal

Bee Hive removal is for the experts only. While natural honey bees are non-aggressive if left alone - other bee species can be a little more on guard. Bees are also an important resource to our planet so destroying hive is not only dangerous but unnecessary.

A bee swarm is a fascinating sight, although it may unnerve some people. A dense cloud of bees whirling into the air - even on a warm sunny day, can cause panic. However, the first point to note is that a bee swarm is NOT looking to attack you. The bees are merely looking for a new place to make a home. In doing so, a honey bee swarm may rest in a particular place whilst scout bees go off to find a suitable place to make a permanent nest.

If the swarm is not in an inconvenient place and you are able to ‘sit it out’ then do so. Sometimes, you don't need to do anything. Simply leave the bees alone, and give them a wide berth. Your main job then is to relax and keep calm - if you can, enjoy the opportunity to observe nature at work - you can learn more about swarming bees on this link.

After a while, the swarm may move on by itself - usually within a day or two.

However, if the bees are definitely in an inconvenient place and are causing concern, it is best to act sooner rather than later. Please take note of the guidance below.

Bee Swarm Removal: What to do, and what not to do

  • Firstly, do NOT spray a pesticide or any other chemicals. This could provoke the bees, and is completely unnecessary. Also, given the difficulties faced by all bees including honey bees, let's take care to preserve the ones we have, and if possible see if they can be relocated rather than destroyed.

  • Do not throw sticks, rocks or other items at the swarm in an attempt to drive it away! You'll only aggravate the bees!

  • Do not attempt any other methods of 'bee control'.

  • Contact Absolute Critter for removal and advice. Absolute Critter can completely take care of rehoming the hive to a safe environment. If there is property damage we can help with that too!



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