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Image by Lance Asper

We put the absolute in critter removal & repair

Rodent and Critter maintenance and removal serving South Florida Commercial communities since 2004.

A place of business is no place for a rodent infestation. Proper maintenance and preventive care will help keep the unwanted foot traffic away. We've proudly taken care of several companies in South Florida for decades. If you are looking for a solid company that is reliable, knowledgeable and precise - we will make the perfect team!

Wildlife Trapping

With all the necessary equipment, people, and expertise, Absolute Critter will be sure to trap any animal that has become a nuisance. We have almost 20 years of expertise and our license with the state of Florida allows us to do our jobs both quickly and legally. So, we can handle all your trapping needs.

Bird Control

People don't always see birds as a problem, but theycan roost  around your property causing a mess and damage. Also, birds like pigeons multiply. One pigeon can quickly turn into ten.  We at Absolute Critter will remove these birds in the most humane and ethical way possible. 

Rodent Control

Proper maintenance and preventative care will keep rodents away from your property. It's easier to maintain a clear property than it is to play catch up after an infestation has occurred. 

Damage Restoration

Animals do more damage than you might expect. They will leave their waste, rip apart building interiors, chew through wiring, and when ignored create extensive damage. Not only will we remove the animal, but our repair services are available as part of the solution to your problem.

Who we work with.

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