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Wildlife Removal

Wild Life Removal for
Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie & Jupiter, FL and the Surrounding Areas

If you find a squirrel hiding out in your chimney, or maybe a raccoon keeps finding its way on to your roof, don’t try to handle the situation yourself. Brushing the animal away with a broom or trying to trap it might only make matters worse. Wildlife is meant to live outdoors, in the wild. When they make your house their home, they can pose danger to your family.

Absolute Critter Removal offers professional wildlife removal services to ensure the wildlife found in or near your home or commercial property is taken care of properly. We have the proper traps and removal equipment to make sure the animal isn't harmed or threatened in any way. Wildlife removal should always be left to our professionals with over 20 years of industry experience.

We Can Rid Your Home or Business of Unwanted Wildlife

• Raccoons

• Opossums

• Armadillos

• Squirrels

• Bats

• Rats & Mice

Wildlife Removal and Damage Repair

Animals like squirrels, bats, and other wildlife can cause damage to the property they've decided to make their home. If we removed the animal from your home but noticed that it left minor or severe damage behind, rest assured that we can fix it for you. We offer comprehensive wildlife removal and damage repair services to ensure your comfort at home or work is at an all-time high again.

Call us for pest control services, wildlife removal and damage repair when you need it most.

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