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Raccoon Latrines in attics

What is a raccoon latrine? Racoons like to find 1 or two spots to poop and pee while they are living in an attic. Because the pee can soak through the insulation, you may see a yellow spot on the ceiling from inside.

 Why is this latrine so bad? Raccoons carry a roundworm that is harmful to humans. You see the eggs of the roundworms are in the poop and can become ingested or transfered to humans.

 When cleaning up a latrine, you should use mask and goggles.

 More information can be collected from this link to the CDC.

Raccoons seen during the day

There is a common belief that if you see a raccoon during the daytime, that it must be rabid. Well, that could be true if it is acting sick, drunk or really moving slow. What may really be happening is... it may be a female raccoon with a litter of pups. They will leave the pups during the daylight hours so she can get food and water and return to the nest before dark. At night, male raccoons roam around. If the male raccoon finds the babies, he will kill them.

So if you see a raccoon out at daylight around your home, take a look around the soffit area where the roof meets the soffit.

 The soffit may be damaged and the female may have made a 
home in your attic. We can discuss the mess in the attic on the next blog.

Bat Season

Here in Florida, we can not do any bat exclusion during the period of April 15 through August 15. This is the nursery time. If we exclude the adults from the roost, the babies will die. And seeing as how we are not permitted to kill bats ... well you understand.

We should all understand the value of bats in our ecosystem. They eat tons of mosquitoes. I have clients that will exclude them from the house and erect a bat house just to keep them in the area.

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